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Be The Light

There is so much going on here at The Center as I am sure there is going on in your life. So what happens when we are overwhelmed and under stimulated. What happens when the light bulb of the mundane goes out? How should we continue to be the light?

It's hard, right? Sometimes being the light seems harder than building a brick house piece by piece in the middle of winter. I get it! Giving from an empty bucket is impossible.

We live in a society that puts emphasis on some insanely depleting ideas. One of those ideas being that we are alone. That you are alone. That each of us is in this crazy world trying to do good, bad or just make it to the next day are alone. I am here to SHOUT that is a LIE. We are not alone. We have never been alone. We will never be alone.

You should know a secret. There is resistance. Our brain, the lie or "the resistance", as coined by Steven Pressfield in The War of Art, says we are very alone, we are not good enough, we will never leave a mark, we are not important, or at the very bottom, the lie says we are not needed at all. The resistance or lie sees that we are, in truth, a light, but needs to push us into believing we are not. Because, the moment we actually believe our worth, our community and the truth, we change the world with our gifts.

Your gifts are the key that turns the light switch. That call in your heart, that pull in the core of your being that is the key.

So, take a beat. Take a breath. Take a look around at your truth. No matter the darkness that surrounds and threatens to swallow you, there is truth. Can you see it? Start with a small simple moment of gratitude. Start with saying thank you for the beam of light the streams through the window, or for the bubble from the dishes that floats in the air, or for the small blue violet that grows wild in the unmowed grass. Once you see the first speck of truth and gratitude you WILL see more. Your eyes will be opened. You will giggle a bit more. You will smile with the sound of wind rustling the leaves. You will become contagious. Someone will see you grin. Someone will see you nod hello. Someone will see the joy sparkle through your eyes, even if you didn't mean to let them see. You, sweet child of divinity, will be the light.

Because, that is your destiny, your intricate design. You are light.

So, together, lets take a breath. 1.2.3. Breath in. Breath out. And, believe the truth of your design, worth and very essence. You are the light. Believe. Trust. Step.



Isaiah 43:2


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