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Mentoring Warriors

Mentoring Warriors is a mentoring program designed to create connections between students, leaders and organizations whose goals are to create family support systems, healthy coping skills, sustainable living practices, necessary life skills and more.

Why Mentoring?

Mentoring Warriors was birthed out of a need founder Gene T. Fletcher felt firsthand. Gene worked with the Madison County Youth Center during the early 2000's. During his time there he got to know the often misunderstood and under-educated students who found themselves serving time at the Youth Center. Most of these students did not have a systems in place to help them succeed, but they had plenty of systems in place to punish them. Gene created relationships with these young people through martial arts as a coping skill, through active listening session where these students left feeling heard and accepted. Now, Gene has moved beyond the walls of the Madison County Youth Center and has moved forward in teaching others how to become mentors within their communities. We have served well over 500 families and are continuing to create, connect and celebrate our community!


It's Game Time

Coach Gene Fletcher leads a game of tug-of-war.


Connection Matters

Mentor, Leader, Friends

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Fun Times

A younger student looks up to a mentor during Trunk or Treat.


Art that Empowers

Students learn how art can be exciting and full of funny moments.


We are always looking for Community Connections and spaces for our students to learn more about what it means to be a kind, inclusive, and healthy human. Are you a part of an organization that we should know more about? Are you interested in becoming more involved in our mentoring programs? Let us know!


2717 S Central Way

Anderson, IN 46011

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